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The MeshEdge™ solution is focused on your product. From concept to commercialization, our custom and off-the-shelf solutions ensure the product design, firmware, connectivity, and security advance your business goals. Our comprehensive approach includes:
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Hardware Development

Hardware Development

Custom IoT Device Design: Tailor-made hardware solutions fitting specific industry needs.

Sensor Integration: Advanced sensors for data collection, including environmental, motion, and location.

Durable and Scalable Hardware: Reliable hardware for industrial applications.


Firmware Development

Firmware Development

Custom Firmware Solutions: Optimized device performance and functionality.

Firmware Updates and Management: Remote and secure firmware updates.

Energy Efficiency: Enhanced battery life and operational efficiency.


Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Diverse Connectivity Options: From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to Cellular to LPWAN.

Secure Communication: Reliable, and secure, communication protocols.

Real-Time Data Transmission: Immediate data transfer and processing.


Device-to-Cloud Connectivity

Device-to-Cloud Connectivity

Seamless Integration with Cloud Platforms: Easily connect with leading platform partners.

Edge Computing Capabilities: Reduced latency and improving efficiency.

Device Management and Monitoring: R device management, diagnostics, and monitoring.


Providing Actionable Data for Better Health Outcomes

GOJO partnered with Mesh Systems to enhance PURELL SMARTLINK™. Mesh Systems provided cutting-edge IoT hardware, allowing GOJO to focus on leveraging clinical data to save lives and improve well-being. This collaboration enables GOJO to offer data-driven hand hygiene solutions, enhancing patient safety in healthcare facilities.

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We guide leading brands on their connected product journey, empowering them to innovate and set new benchmarks within their industry.

We guide leading brands on their connected product journey, empowering them to innovate and set new benchmarks within their industry.

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