Cloud Enablement and Platform Migration

Brunswick partnered with Mesh Systems for their connected journey of CZone® cloud enablement and platform migration.

Supporting Digitally Elite Boating Experiences

Brunswick is a leader in elite boating experiences, and in looking to elevate their services to customers they sought a partner to help them with CZone®, a marine vehicle monitoring and control platform that resides in personal watercrafts.

Along with the enablement of CZone®, the team at Brunswick needed to migrate the cloud-enabled CZone® platform from IoT Central to IoT Hub, retaining many aspects of the existing architecture to minimize impact to dependent programs.


An Expert Partner Providing a Holistic Solution

Enablement for Now, and for the Future

Brunswick needed a partner that could not only enable the CZone® technology for their customers, but IoT expertise that could build a playbook for future IoT device development. Mesh Systems proved to be that partner, and provided strategic guidance for Brunswick’s Azure IoT Hub deployment and configuration of Azure IoT Edge runtime.

Minimizing Impact to Dependent Programs for Platform Migration

For the migration of the CZone® platform from IoT Central to IoT Hub, the engineering team at Mesh simplified the device model and deployment templates to create highly adaptable IoTH architecture, better suited for fleet management at production scale.

"In our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to continually elevate the boating experience, we knew we needed a trusted partner. Mesh Systems proved to be that partner, adeptly steering us through the intricate journey of CZone® cloud enablement and platform migration.

Not only did they help us deliver a transformative project for our customers, but they also navigated our internal landscape to drive success. A big thank you to the entire Mesh team for setting us up for continued success with CZone® and beyond!"

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Technical Director, Brunswick Corporation


Results Delivered​

With Mesh, the Brunswick team achieved their goals to partner with an IoT expert for their CZone® cloud enablement and platform migration.

Cloud-Enabled Watercraft Control + Monitoring

Brunswick is now able to send over-the-air (OTA) updates to its CZone® Platform users and enable access to remote telemetry and diagnostics for each watercraft, including controlling lighting, bilge pumps, and other boat components.

Simplified IoT Platform and Streamlined Resource Use

With IoT experts at Mesh having successfully migrated the CZone® platform, Brunswick now has a decoupled, extensible architecture with lower ownership cost.

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