Energy Efficiency Unleashed With Smart Lighting

Mesh Systems provided WLS Lighting Systems with an advanced device and cloud application that enables precise fixture-level lighting control, significantly reducing energy costs and improving efficiency.

Significantly Reduce Energy Costs

WLS Lighting Systems is a full-service commercial lighting company providing turnkey, energy-efficient, sustainable lighting solutions for both exterior and interior lighting projects since 1969.

WLS set out to introduce a feature-rich and reliable product aimed at assisting their customers in remotely monitoring and controlling properties. The primary goal was to develop a system that would significantly reduce energy costs for users of the system. To ensure widespread adoption, the product needed to be user-friendly for deployment into either new or already installed light fixtures, while also being durable enough to endure harsh environmental conditions.


Advanced Device & Cloud Application

At Mesh Systems, we have developed an advanced device and cloud application that enables precise fixture-level lighting control. Utilizing sophisticated scheduling technology and conditional alerting for maintenance events, our solution—powered by the MeshCloud™ platform—empowers property owners to monitor and receive notifications about specific lighting issues and routine maintenance needs. This ensures the efficient and timely management of thousands of outdoor fixtures for real estate owners around North America.

Initially released in 2010 by WLS as netLiNK, the system has since evolved into the premier outdoor lighting solution available to property owners. Since then, WLS has continued to partner with Mesh to produce and nurture innovation within WLS technologies.

Software & Data

Below are the software components used by WLS, provided by Mesh Systems, as well as the data collected from the connected solution.

Software Components

Data Collected

  • Energy Consumption Rates
  • Lighting Schedules
  • Equipment Status
  • Lighting Conditions

"We’ve calculated that we’ve saved our customers a little over $50 Million* in electrical costs since we’ve had netLiNK on the market, and it’s still just the tip of the iceberg."

 Kevin Fletcher, President National Accounts at WLS

Kevin Fletcher, President National Accounts at WLS

*This number has been updated to reflect 2024 savings.

Why Mesh Systems Was the Perfect Partner

Mesh Systems stood out as the ideal partner for WLS Lighting due to our expertise and technology around IoT and cloud-based solutions. We provide a comprehensive package that includes both hardware and software components, ensuring seamless integration and functionality into an OEM’s product strategy.

Our MeshCloud™ platform, leveraging the robust capabilities of the leading enterprise cloud providers, offers unmatched reliability and scalability. Our commitment to delivering a user-friendly and highly durable system capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions made us the perfect partner to meet WLS Lighting’s specific needs.


Results Delivered​

By the Numbers

  • 200,000 light fixtures under management
  • Customers have realized over $54+ million in energy savings compared to traditional dusk-to-dawn controls.

Efficiency Improvement - Energy

The amount of energy used in lighting processes has been significantly lowered by 50% and more.

Process Optimization - Remote Control and Monitoring

Real-time visibility, monitoring, and control of equipment have improved asset and resource efficiency.

Data Management - Data Analysis

Cloud solutions enable the aggregation of ‘big data,’ facilitating more robust analysis and lowering costs.

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