Ensuring Success After Your Connected Product is Deployed​

Learn how to nurture and maintain successful connected solutions to prevent decay.

What the webinar covers:

🌐 Learn how to nurture and maintain successful connected solutions to prevent decay.

📈 Gain insights into navigating the IoT solution journey effectively.

👥 Discover the importance of assembling the right mix of internal and external talent for IoT success.


IoT Experts

Jason Slater, SMARTLINK Vice President at GOJO Industries, Inc.

A software development professional with more than 20 years of experience in the various roles cross the entire software development lifecycle.

Currently focused on agile development projects, delivering software solutions in the cloud.

At GOJO:  “Internet of Things” solutions along with various mobile applications.

Kyle Zeronik, VP Engineering at Mesh Systems

Technical Executive with an emphasis on creating innovative products/solutions in the emerging IoT space by leveraging a unique blend of engineering, industrial automation, and software development expertise.

At Mesh Systems: Current focus is on creating IoT solutions utilizing cloud technologies.

"Providing actionable, clinical data is what we're passionate about - we invest all of our time, resources, and energy into this."

Jason Slater

Jason Slater

SMARTLINK Vice President at GOJO Industries



Below are the top takeaways from our webinar, “Launching is Just the Start: Ensuring Success After Your Connected Product is Deployed​”. Watch the above recording for details on each.

Following the Right IoT Solution Journey Represents a Key Foundational Step

The journey to IoT success requires strategic planning and a comprehensive roadmap. By thoroughly understanding the goals, user needs, and infrastructure requirements at the outset, businesses can navigate the complexities of IoT more effectively. Mapping out this journey helps prevent missteps and ensures a solid foundation for developing a scalable, resilient solution.


Successful Connected Solutions Require Proper Care and Feeding so They Don’t Rot

Launching an IoT solution is just the beginning. Post-deployment, continuous monitoring, regular updates, and proactive maintenance are crucial for keeping connected products healthy and functional. Without proper care, even the most well-planned solutions can degrade over time, leading to vulnerabilities and diminishing value. Investing in a lifecycle management strategy ensures long-term success.

Having the Right Blend of Internal and External Talent and Competency Is Paramount

A successful IoT project hinges on having a versatile team with both domain expertise and technical know-how. Internally, companies need a strong grasp of their business and technology landscape. Externally, leveraging specialized partners can provide the latest insights and technical skills. Together, this blend of talent ensures rapid, informed decision-making and a robust approach to problem-solving, ultimately driving the project’s success.


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