Innovation as a Secret Sauce

The Key Ingredients for IoT Success

What the webinar covers:

Intentional Innovation: Learn how deliberate innovation fosters significant growth and industry disruption.

Cultural Agility: Discover strategies that cultivate a workspace ripe for progress and agility.

IoT Mastery: Gain exclusive insights into how The Kraft Heinz Company leverages IoT technology to carve out a competitive edge.


IoT Experts

Alan Kleinerman, Vice President, Global Head of Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company

Alan is a transformational leader and business builder with a proven track record of driving record profit, sales, and market share.

Join us as Alan shares invaluable insights and the inside story of the HEINZ REMIX’s rapid development. Read the full case study of the Kraft Heinz Company’s connected product journey for the HEINZ REMIX here.

Richard Baxter, Chief Executive Officer at Mesh Systems

Mr. Baxter has more than 40 years of diverse experience in high technology software, services, and manufacturing businesses. He is recognized as an IoT pioneer and technical expert in sensors, wireless communications, and embedded networking. Mr. Baxter holds 11 U.S. patents and is a 1982 graduate of Purdue University, where he received a B.S.E.E.

“We’ve been on this journey to make innovation the number one growth driver across our business. To do that, we knew we needed to operate differently than we had in the past, to think bigger, to be more consumer-centric.”

Alan Kleinerman

Alan Kleinerman

Vice President, Global Head of Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company



Below are the top takeaways from our webinar, “Innovation as a
Secret Sauce: The Key Ingredients for IoT Success​”. Watch the above recording for details on each.

Continuous Innovation Requires Strategic Focus and Commitment

Disruption is Underpinned by Leadership and Culture ​

Agility + Progress, and Not Perfection, Matter ​

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