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The MeshCloud™ solution provides the infrastructure, data processing, management and application development to bring your product to life. Software, data ingestion, storage and security are all part of the connected journey, with our end-to-end approach.

Where your IoT application is managed … and optimized.

Cloud Data Management

Scalable Storage Solutions: Vast and secure storage for IoT-generated data.
Data Accessibility: Reliable remote data access and management.
Backup and Recovery: Rapid recovery to assure data integrity.

Data Analytics and Processing

Advanced Analytics: Dataset processing and analysis for actionable insights.
Real-Time Data Processing: Immediate and accurate decision-making.
Customizable Dashboards: Custom data visualization and analytics.

Cloud-Based IoT Applications

Application Hosting: Cloud infrastructure that supports various IoT applications.
API Integration: Third-party API integration to expand functionality.
Scalability: Built to grow with your IoT devices and data

Security and Compliance

Robust Security Measures: Protected data and operations, including encryption, access control, and regular audits.
Compliance Standards: Adherence to industry regulations and standards.
Continuous Monitoring: A secure cloud environment from threats and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Connectivity and Integration

Seamless Device-to-Cloud Integration: Connect and communicate with the cloud platform.
Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Support: Gain flexibility with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.
Integration with Existing Systems: Ability to integrate with existing infrastructure.

Support and Maintenance

24/7 Technical Support: Continuous support when you need it most.
Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: Regular updates and maintenance for optimal performance and security.


Cloud Enablement and Platform Migration

Brunswick partnered with Mesh Systems for their connected journey of CZone® cloud enablement and platform migration. This allows Brunswick to offer over-the-air (OTA) updates and remote access to telemetry and diagnostics for their watercraft. The successful migration to a simplified and extensible IoT architecture not only streamlines resource use but also reduces ownership costs, marking a significant step forward in watercraft management technology.

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We guide leading brands on their connected product journey, empowering them to innovate and set new benchmarks within their industry.

We guide leading brands on their connected product journey, empowering them to innovate and set new benchmarks within their industry.

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