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ABB Ability™: Empowering Insight

Mesh Systems helped ABB achieve their goal to build an Industrial IoT platform that seamlessly integrates with their vast array of new and legacy products.
Case Study

The Social Tap

Ab InBev partnered with Mesh Systems to create an interactive sports experience for beer drinkers at bars and restaurants.

Case Study

Cloud Enablement and Platform Migration

Brunswick partnered with Mesh Systems for their connected journey of CZone® cloud enablement and platform migration.

Case Study

Remote Machine Management Platform

BUNN’s cloud-connected coffee machines enable remote monitoring &  preventative maintenance.

Case Study

Rental Equipment, Redefined

Denso worked with Mesh to achieve their goal to improve their MovinCool® machines’ utilization by their rental fleet customers and generate new revenues by unlocking previously inaccessible data and insights.
Case Study

Actionable Data for Better Health Outcomes

As GOJO’s dedicated IoT partner, we help power their PURELL SMARTLINK™ Technology.

Case Study

Revolutionizing the Food Industry: HEINZ REMIX™

This case study explores the development and impact of The Kraft Heinz Company’s connected product, HEINZ REMIX™, showcasing its ability to provide actionable market research insights while delivering an unparalleled customer experience while working with Mesh.

Case Study

PEPsense: Powering PepsiCo's Journey to Connected Intelligence and Sustainability

In 2019, PepsiCo embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Mesh Systems. Through a comprehensive strategy to gain a competitive edge and enhance their consumer offerings, they desired to have a robust enterprise IoT platform called “PEPsense”, and PepsiCo’s weight-sensing technology, coined the “SmartBase”.

Case Study

Energy Efficiency Unleashed With Smart Lighting

Mesh Systems provided WLS Lighting Systems with an advanced device and cloud application that enables precise fixture-level lighting control, significantly reducing energy costs and improving efficiency.

Case Study

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