Strategic Partnership for IoT Excellence and Scale


Streamlined Implementation and Operational Efficiency

Eaton, a global leader in power management solutions, recognized a growing demand for their residential smart dimmer, universal power supply (UPS) products and used their Brightlayer Cloud and Edge Platforms to support these growth targets.

As their market expanded, the need for efficient firmware and cloud enhancements and seamless connectivity for millions of devices became paramount. To address these challenges, Eaton required a platform-focused partner to drive implementation efficiency and ensure consistent, reliable performance for their connected devices.


Robust, Scalable Infrastructure

Renowned for our expertise in IoT solutions, we partnered with Eaton to meet these critical needs. Our team at Mesh Systems enabled mass deployment of over-the-air firmware updates, ensuring that end customers will benefit from future functionality and security updates of their Eaton products.

Additionally, we implemented a dedicated system that allowed millions of Eaton devices to connect to the cloud simultaneously, providing seamless integration and real-time data synchronization. This robust infrastructure was essential for supporting Eaton’s ambitious growth plans and maintaining their reputation for innovative, reliable products.

How the Mesh Systems Team Served as a Strategic Partner Throughout the Process:

Proper Road Mapping for Platform Build

Facilitated a well-organized and efficient platform build, ensuring all milestones were met on time and the project was executed smoothly.

Skilled Resources and Technical Leadership

Provided skilled resources and expert guidance, ensuring high-quality deliverables and strategic direction.

Optimal Use of IoT Platform Products

Leveraged both Mesh Systems’ and Eaton’s IoT platform products to meet tight timelines and deliver high-value solutions efficiently.

"We knew that going to Mesh Systems would greatly accelerate our project. A team that has done it before can always do it faster than someone who hasn't. We had a good idea of our requirements, but there were unknowns we hadn't considered. The architecture review before kicking off saved a lot of time during the project.

During the first 25% of the project, the Mesh team discovered that to implement the desired features, we needed to upgrade to the latest version of a particular Microsoft component. This prerequisite was unknown to us. If we had done it ourselves, we likely wouldn't have realized this until the end of the six-month project, potentially causing significant delays."

Rob Bowser

Rob Bowser

Director Digital Hardware Enablement at Eaton

Why Mesh Systems Was the Perfect Partner

At, Mesh Systems we serve as Eaton’s dedicated IoT partner due to several key factors:

Connected Product and Platform Advocates: Our commitment to being the leading partner in the Brightlayer ecosystem aligned perfectly with Eaton’s vision for their connected products. Our expertise in platform-focused solutions ensured that Eaton could scale their offerings effectively and efficiently.

Proven Track Record: Since the initial project involving the connected dimmer and universal power supply, Eaton has continued to engage Mesh Systems for additional IoT solutions. This ongoing partnership is a testament to the trust and confidence Eaton places in our capabilities.

Our dedication to delivering innovative, reliable, and scalable IoT solutions made us the perfect partner for Eaton, driving success in their connected product initiatives and setting the stage for future growth and innovation.


Results Delivered​

Partnership Foundation Established

One of the many projects Eaton and Mesh Systems collaborated on as part of their platform-first journey in IoT was providing firmware enhancements to the residential smart dimmer and UPS products to support for higher volume scalability and in-the-field upgrades.

By the Numbers

Implementing a performance and load testing tool to simulate up to 500,000 devices and their scaled assurance as they rolled out.

Streamlined Updates With a Single Click

Updated both a cloud and edge service to allow for Eaton to update the firmware on hundreds of thousands of devices with a single click of a button.

Implementation at Scale

Eaton is now able to connect hundreds of thousands of devices at a time to their IoT ecosystem with the device provisioning service Mesh built for Eaton.

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