PEPsense: Powering PepsiCo's Journey to Connected Intelligence and Sustainability

In 2019, PepsiCo embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Mesh Systems. Through a comprehensive strategy to gain a competitive edge and enhance their consumer offerings, they desired to have a robust enterprise IoT platform called “PEPsense”, and PepsiCo’s weight-sensing technology, coined the “SmartBase”.


A Holistic Approach for an Innovative and Sustainable Future

PepsiCo, after acquiring SodaStream in 2018, recognized the immense potential of IoT to gain a competitive edge and enhance their consumer offerings. The primary challenges were: 

  • Streamlining the CO2 cylinder re-order process for SodaStream users.
  • Understanding consumer behaviors and preferences to unlock new revenue streams. 
  • Promoting sustainability by reducing single-use plastic bottles and encouraging the use of reusable bottles via the ‘Beyond the Bottle’ campaign. 

A Strategy to Scale Across All Products, Both Existing and New

Mesh Systems, in collaboration with Microsoft and PepsiCo, devised a holistic strategy to address these challenges. The result was centered around the SodaStream use-case, but with the broad universe of millions of PepsiCo ‘things’ in clear view. 


A robust enterprise IoT platform built on Azure, with SodaStream as its pilot product, was conceived to onboard complex applications and drive new business models. 


A purpose-built solution containing weight sensing technology called the “SmartBase”, which effectively measures the amount of CO2 left in cylinders, providing an auto-replenishment option. This pilot solution was not only suitable for the current SodaStream model but was also compatible with the millions of machines already owned by consumers. 



 With the introduction of PEPsense and the SodaStream SmartBase, PepsiCo achieved: 

Data-Backed Insights

PepsiCo has unlocked insights into their operations like never before, informing decision-making and enhancing the consumer experience. 

Reduced Friction for Re-Ordering

Mesh’s custom-builtSmartBasemeasures the weight of cylinders to enable an auto-replenishment schedule and gather consumption metrics based on button presses, user profiles, and system usage.

Commitment to Sustainability

PepsiCo reinforced its commitment to a sustainable future, with Mesh Systems playing a pivotal role in promoting the use of reusable bottles and reducing the reliance on single-use plastics. 

This collaboration between PepsiCo, Mesh Systems, and Microsoft is a testament to the power of IoT in revolutionizing industries, driving innovation, and promoting sustainable practices.

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