Providing Actionable Data for Better Health Outcomes

This case study highlights the strategic partnership between GOJO and Mesh Systems, and how our collaboration empowers GOJO to focus on their mission: A commitment to Saving Lives and Enhancing Well-Being Through Innovative Solutions.

A Commitment to Innovation

In the realm of cutting-edge technology adoption, GOJO has long maintained a position at the forefront. Their 75-year legacy is steeped in a culture of innovation, an intrinsic facet of their DNA. With a remarkable investment span of 15 years in IoT technology, their strides resonate with their overarching mission.

The Need for an IoT Partner With a Shared Passion

Central to GOJO’s essence is the value derived from the data they gather for their customers. In the evolution of their IoT platform, a pivotal requirement emerged – the need to establish scalable capabilities to accommodate their ambitious product portfolio.

When choosing partners for this long-term journey, GOJO was clear: They wanted a partner with a proven track record of scaling emerging technologies and one who shared their big vision for growth.

GOJO's Needs for Scalability

GOJO’s strategic objectives for a trusted partnership focused on two foundational pillars:

Cultivating Innovation with Cost Efficiency

GOJO needed to elevate their core hardware, ensuring it remained future-proof and easily maintainable.

Mastery of IoT Stack

The team at GOJO knew they had to join forces with an industry leader in building scalable IoT solutions, allowing them to channel their complete focus towards harnessing the power of clinical data.

Powering the Hardware for PURELL SMARTLINK™

PURELL SMARTLINK™ technology provides the hand hygiene monitoring hardware, software, and support that facilities need to meet patient safety goals. With solutions ranging from app-based observation to individual monitoring and service alerts, operators and providers can improve hand hygiene performance with data-driven insights.

When collaborating with GOJO, we knew we had to support their business-critical goals of driving the following results – all in an effort to save lives within the clinical settings of their customers:

Elevating Hand Hygiene to Decrease Infections: Reduce infections through enhanced hand hygiene protocols and compliance.

Empowering Informed Action: Providing customers with data they can learn and benefit from – a downstream effect of the actionable steps they can take with the data retrieved from the PURELL SMARTLINK™


Results Delivered​

GOJO achieved its goal to collaborate with an IoT partner that could quarterback their connected product journey for PURELL SMARTLINK™, resulting in:

Future-Ready Hardware

Cutting-edge, core hardware engineered for long-term viability and scalability.

Expert IoT Partner

By partnering with Mesh Systems, GOJO achieved its goal of gaining a technology partner that frees them to channel their complete focus towards harnessing the power of clinical data.

Technology That Fuels Actionable, Clinical Data

GOJO’s mission is, “A commitment to Saving Lives and Enhancing Well-Being Through Innovative Solutions.” Through enablement from our services, GOJO is able to help facilities meet patient safety goals with solutions that improve hand-hygiene performance with data-driven insights.

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