Unleashing Innovation: The Power of “The Network Effect”

In our June webinar, “Innovation as a Secret Sauce: The Key Ingredients for IoT Success,” industry leaders gathered to share their insights on the cutting-edge developments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Among the highlights was the story of the HEINZ REMIX machine, a collaboration between Mesh Systems and The Kraft Heinz Company. Featuring Alan Kleinerman, Vice President and Global Head of Innovation at Kraft Heinz, this session shed light on the transformative journey of developing a machine capable of producing over 200 sauce combinations for consumers and restaurants.

The Network Effect: A Game-Changer for IoT

One of the standout moments from the webinar was Alan Kleinerman and Richard Baxter’s discussion on “The Network Effect.” This principle emphasizes the power of ecosystems in IoT partnerships. Each partner brings their own unique strengths and resources to the table, and when these ecosystems are driven by a shared mission of continuous innovation, the resulting connected solutions can achieve unprecedented success.

See a breakdown of “The Network Effect” in the below highlight video from the webinar:

Key Ingredients for a Successful IoT Partnership: Continuous Innovation Requires Strategic Focus and Commitment

Clarity of Vision
Alan highlighted that a clear vision serves as the “north star” for all parties involved. This clarity not only holds stakeholders accountable for the desired results but also ensures maximum scalability when developing connected solutions. Having a unified goal keeps everyone aligned and focused on achieving the best possible outcomes.

Firm Completion Dates
As Mesh Systems CEO Richard Baxter stated, establishing a fixed completion date acts as a powerful motivator for the team. It creates a sense of urgency and commitment, driving everyone to work efficiently and effectively towards meeting the deadline. This aspect was crucial in the rapid development of the HEINZ REMIX machine, allowing them to unveil the machine at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Convention.

Leveraging Strengths and Recognizing Weaknesses
Richard praised the Kraft Heinz team for their strategic approach. By taking inventory of their core competencies and acknowledging areas where they needed assistance, Kraft Heinz empowered Mesh Systems to make critical decisions. This empowered autonomy allowed the project to thrive and succeed.

Inside the HEINZ REMIX Journey
Alan Kleinerman’s role as a transformational leader was pivotal in the success of the HEINZ REMIX project. With a proven track record of driving profit, sales, and market share, Alan brought invaluable insights into the rapid development process. The collaboration with Mesh Systems showcased how a well-aligned partnership could bring innovative products to market quickly and efficiently.

Read the full journey of the HEINX REMIX machine here.

Watch the full webinar recording below:


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