Ensuring Success After Your Connected Product is Deployed

UPDATE: Watch the full webinar recording this blog covers here.

IoT has emerged as a transformative force for businesses, reshaping industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Yet, amid the excitement of launching a new IoT initiative, it’s easy to overlook the journey that follows deployment – a journey critical to sustaining success and maximizing ROI.

Each phase in the journey of building a connected solution demands careful attention and strategic planning (see more on that topic in this article). While the initial launch garners much of the spotlight, it represents merely the first step in a broader commercial odyssey. Once a connected product is live, its longevity and effectiveness hinge on a proactive and holistic approach to management and optimization.

To shed light on this aspect of IoT, we’re hosting a webinar on May 9th, “Launching IoT is Just the Start: Ensuring Success After Your Connected Product is Deployed.” 

This webinar will delve into the post-deployment phase of IoT programs, offering invaluable insights and best practices for ensuring sustained success. Our featured guest is Jason Slater SMARTLINK Vice President at GOJO Industries, Inc. Jason is a true trailblazer in the field, driving innovation and setting the standard for technological solutions. 

He’ll chat with our VP of Engineering Kyle Zeronik, sharing invaluable insights on the importance of investing in post-deployment success for your connected products. At the core of the discussion lies the imperative of aligning IoT initiatives with overarching business objectives from the outset (we explore this topic more in this article). 

Too often, companies approach IoT with a myopic focus on the launch, neglecting the ongoing needs and considerations essential for long-term viability. Our speakers will emphasize the importance of planning with the end in mind, crafting a roadmap that extends far beyond the initial deployment.

Key discussion topics from the webinar will include:

1. Successful Connected Solutions require proper care and feeding so they don’t rot: Just like a garden, connected products need not only ongoing maintenance, but constant optimization to thrive – feeding, hydration, expert care to sustain continued growth.  Neglecting post-deployment management can result in stagnation and eventual obsolescence of your connected solution.

2. Following the right IoT solution journey represents a key foundational step: By understanding and embracing the full lifecycle of IoT initiatives, organizations can mitigate risks and unlock the full potential of their investments.

3. Having the right blend of internal and external talent and competency is paramount (it takes a village; IoT is a team sport): Building and sustaining IoT solutions demand a diverse array of skills and expertise. From in-house talent to external partners, collaboration is essential for navigating the complexities of the IoT landscape.

Join us on May 9th as we explore these themes and more, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies needed to drive lasting success in the era of connected products. Don’t miss this opportunity to chart a course towards a future where your IoT initiatives thrive long after launch.


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