The Business Case for Connected Devices in 2024

In a world increasingly interconnected by technology, the path of the Internet of Things (IoT) reveals itself as both complex – but necessary to catapulting your business to the next level.

Reflecting on insights gleaned from our recent webinar, “The Business Case for Connected Devices in 2024,” it’s clear that IoT is a strategic endeavor demanding careful planning, expertise, and collaborative partnerships. 

Through this recap, we’ll spotlight the key lessons learned: the importance of defining clear business objectives, the transformative power of data in driving value, and the critical role of effective management. 

Take a look at the top takeaways and the full webinar recording below:

3 Key Takeaways:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a multifaceted journey.

IoT is a journey that requires planning, expertise, partners, and management. Partnerships with IoT vendors and stakeholders offer crucial support throughout the entire process – effective management oversees device deployment, data analysis, and ongoing optimization.

Start with the end in mind (begin with business outcomes).

Success in IoT starts by defining clear business objectives. By aligning IoT projects with specific outcomes—whether it’s reducing costs, increasing revenue, or enhancing customer satisfaction—organizations can focus their efforts and measure their impact effectively.

Data is the new oil for driving value creation.

In the digital age, data from IoT devices is a valuable resource. By leveraging advanced analytics and generative AI, organizations can turn raw data into actionable insights, driving innovation, optimizing decisions, and creating new opportunities for growth.

About the webinar panelists:

Harald Horgen, CEO, The York Group

  • 30+ years in the technology sector as a consultant and strategist
  • Specializes in revenue transformation strategies for cloud, SaaS, and IoT solutions
  • Worked with industry leaders like Microsoft, JCI, ABB, and Ericsson

Kurt Neuens, VP of Product & Strategy, Mesh Systems

  • Drives product and business strategies that empower Mesh’s customers to maximize value from their connected solutions.
  • Nearly a decade in driving IoT innovations, both for Mesh customers and his prior experience at ABB.

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