Supply Chain Asset Management

Optimizing the use of returnable and reusable shipping assets
An end-to-end tracking platform, Mesh Systems' Supply Chain Asset Tracking solution helps organizations with large shipping operations track, monitor, and recover shipping assets such as pallets, totes, containers, bins, and racks. The investment in these assets can be substantial and losing track of them or having to routinely replace them because of shrinkage can be costly.

Optimizes use of reusable shipping assets

Offers end-to-end tracking of returnable shipping assets to optimize their use across supply chains and expedite their rapid return and reuse

Reduces operating and supply chain expenses

Improves the return rate of assets, hastens the identification of misplaced, switched or stolen assets, and can be used to verify the quality and condition of contents

Increases supply chain agility and security

Integrates with other systems and processes to provide continual visibility into status of shipments, real-time updates to customers, and insights to improve decision making