Corporate Asset Auditing & Tracking

Simplify the administration and management of assets and personnel equipment
Mesh Systems’ Corporate Asset Auditing & Tracking solution is an end-to-end tracking platform that uses off-the-shelf or purpose-built Bluetooth Low Energy asset tags to monitor the status and location of assets - computer, office and AV equipment, tools and devices, etc. - to optimize their use across their lifecycle, reduce duplication and shrinkage, increase accounting efficiencies, and complement the capabilities of third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) and asset management systems.

Simplifies managing valuable assets

Offers end-to-end monitoring of assets to verify their location and assigned users, and help ensure equipment isn’t sitting idle in inventory or where it’s not being used.

Reduces operating expenses

Speeds up administration and inventorying of assets, hastens the identification of misplaced, switched or stolen assets, and can be used to pinpoint ghost assets.

Increases efficiency and security

Integrates with other systems and processes to provide continual visibility into status of assets and inventory of items, and insights to improve decision making.