Connected Kitchen Equipment

Prevent kitchen downtime and streamline operations
Mesh Systems’ Connected Kitchen Equipment solution for quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and commercial kitchens is an end-to-end connected platform for kitchen equipment. Operational data from ware washers, fryers, protein holding units, brewing equipment, and more are brought together into a single pane of glass for management. Kitchen operators can proactively respond to equipment fault codes and performance data—streamlining operations and reducing equipment and kitchen downtime.

Simplifies management of kitchen equipment

Actionable insights from all your kitchen’s digitally native equipment are delivered in one pane of glass—vastly simplifying the operations management.

Reduce downtime, increase sales

By proactively responding equipment faults codes and telemetry, kitchen downtime is decreased maximizing potential revenue.

Enable inter-equipment communication

By connecting multiple equipment types to one cloud solution, commercial kitchens can implement cognitive solutions to become more predictive.