Mesh Systems Partners with Microsoft to Host the ‘Tech in Retail’ Webinar

Join Andrew Cohoat, VP of Business Development at Mesh Systems, as he walks through both the opportunities for IoT in the retail industry as well as how Mesh and Microsoft have partnered to deliver repeatable retail IoT solutions

Nov 20, 2020

The opportunities for digital transformation with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) in retail are endless and exciting. Azure IoT for retail delivers operational excellence, an intelligent supply chain, and more powerful business intelligence to enable your organization and your people to deliver unforgettable customer experiences that drive affinity, create loyalty, and win your category. Some of the specific applications to be discussed by Microsoft and its strategic IoT partner Mesh Systems include:

In-store analytics: Deliver personalized product recommendations based on customer demographics and in-store behavior. Stock the right products in the right places and give employees the ability to make game-changing decisions with data.

Digital distribution and fulfillment centers: Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and eliminate downtime at your warehouses. Digitally connect and monitor key assets and actions across your automated distribution and fulfillment centers to deliver actionable insights.

Connected logistics: Track shipments in real-time across air, water, and land with location and condition monitoring, and prevent spoilage, theft, or loss with cold chain tracking.

Smart inventory management: 
Manage product inventory and shelf availability with sensors that automate receiving, product movement, cycle counting, and tracking. Improve customer experience with consistent inventory across physical and web channels.

Security and Safety: Protect your customers and your employees by digitally securing your data and your storefront.

Watch the entire webinar here.


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