The Internet of Coffee Machines


Maximize coffee equipment operating conditions, minimize downtime, and lower lifetime ownership cost.


Cloud-connected coffee machines enabling remote monitoring & product service, preventative maintenance, and in-depth machine health reports.

Business Scenario

Deliver highest levels of quality and service by decreasing onsite visits and increasing first-time fixes. Drive lower cost of ownership and increase the value and efficacy of service contracts.


Cellular & WiFi-enabled gateway devices that extract machine data and uplink to the cloud over secure, two-way communication.

Cloud Solution

Coffee equipment fleet management dashboards including reports, configurations, and alerts enabling service technicians and equipment owners with a 360° view of machine health.

The Result

As Kurt Powell, EVP at BUNN said, “With this solution, we know exactly which component to fix before we get there.” This has led to increased customer satisfaction by minimizing downtime and lowered lifetime cost of ownership.

When Jacob Bunn, founder of Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (BUNN), opened his grocery store 175 years ago in Springfield, Illinois, the world was a very different place. He probably never anticipated that a good cup of coffee would become an expectation at every restaurant, hotel lobby, concert venue, and airport lounge. Nor did he probably expect that his name would come to be synonymous with delicious, heart-warming beverages. But whatever social and technological changes have occurred from the 19th century to the 21st, there’s almost nothing better than a good cup of coffee.

The simple pleasure of a cup of coffee has grown incredibly complex over the years and BUNN now caters to a new generation of coffee lovers and the businesses that satisfy their wishes for hyper-personalized beverages. Today, BUNN is a global leader in dispensed-beverage equipment and is highly regarded for the quality of its products and post-purchase support services. “The ability to maximize optimal operating conditions, minimize downtime and lower lifetime ownership costs supports our belief in offering customers the highest quality beverages and best overall value in dispensed beverage equipment,” says Karalynn McDermott, SVP of Market Development at BUNN.

To deliver on this remote product service initiative, BUNN looked to enhance their BUNNlink Wellness Program for coffee machines by partnering with Mesh Systems. Mesh provided embedded cellular technology within automated espresso machines to connect them to the cloud. At the BUNN control center, service technicians have real-time insight into machine performance through a secure, cloud-based application (created and managed by Mesh) providing device software management, configuration, interactive dashboards, notifications, and reporting.

Kurt Powell, Executive Vice President at BUNN says it best in citing “a service technician for a quick-service customer got an alert on a Friday night, so he just grabbed the part he needed for the repair and headed into the restaurant at 6 A.M. the next morning. He was able to service the equipment before the customer even noticed a problem. With this solution, we know exactly which component to fix before we get there.”